Linked List reversing. Is my method correct or unacceptable?

public void reverse(){
var current = first;
int array = new int[size];
int index = 0;
while (current != null){
array[index++] = current.value;
current =;
current = first;
while (current != null){
current.value = array[index–];
current =;


Is the code complete?
Where are the first, size defined?
Just because of that it is unclear what you are trying to do with it (at least for first). The var does not help though I believe it is an int.

I don’t know what language it is but if it was C# I wouldn’t do this way.
You should better use a for loop for you know the size of the array.
Also C# has a hat operator for arrays that designated elements backwards.

Do you really need these first, current variables?

Not so sure.

So to me at first glance I would say not correct. You may also want to pass the array as a parameter to make it reusable.


There are simpler ways to reverse an array outside of doing it for the sake of exercice.

Array.Reverse(); And Linq has a Reverse operation too.