Lambda Function

Hi folks,

Can someone help me please? I am not sure I can get my head around the Lambda function. In the below example, what does the number ‘1’ stand for in item [1]? Thanks!

items = [

("mango", 2), ("pear", 50), ("tomato", 33), ("juice", 31), ("crisps", 23)

filtered = list(filter(lambda item: item[1] >= 1, items))

Each item in the items list is a tuple, and you can get the values in a tuple by their index. So for example, this tuple…

("tomato", 33)

has two values, "tomato" in position 0 and and 33 in position 1. So item[1] for this tuple is 33. So I think your lambda is saying, give me all the items in the list where the quantity (or whatever the second value represents) is 1 or greater.

Aahh, makes sense. Why did I not think of that? :smiley: Thanks very much, that’s very helpful of you!