Join Multiple table

Hi everyone! I am having troubles with joining multiple tables. I write exactly the same code as video, but the result providing as descending order of order_id instead of ascending. Could anyone please tell me why? Thank a lot!

order status shud be ascending or order id?

The order id should be ascending. In the video, the result show below

Add in the end of the query with below clause ,then it will work.
ORDER BY o.order_id

Yes! I can do that! But I just wondering why it print out different result from the video with exactly same code? I didn’t make any change of database?

You didn’t “write exactly the same code as video” otherwise at least the number of columns would have been the same as in the video.

The rows in the video screenshot you provided are also not ordered by order_id.

If you don’t specifiy an explicit order you will get the results in an undefined order depending on the strategy the query optimizer chose to access the data. And that might depend e.g. on the exact query, the current number of rows in the tables involved,…