Joi library not functioning well

I’m currently in the forms section, in lection 13- Joi to be precised. On initializing the schema object, I get the below error in the console. What could be the cause of this?

Are you using the same version of joi mosh’s using? If not, the implementation for validation in joi already changed. You can search for the new implementation in google.

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Can you specify the exact error message ?
A red wavy underline is not enough to troubleshoot your problem.

As of myself, I did not use the same versions than Mosh and went with the latest version at the time I took the course. Even though he advise to use the same version as himself in the course, React has gone a long enough way to often not be usable anymore.


Yes I am using the exact version, version 13.4

On hovering on the "x’ symbol, I get this message: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘string’)

My guess is JOI might not be imported properly.

I see no reason for this message to be about username.

Show us how you imported Joi!

  1. do you import joi correctly ?
  2. it shoul be :
    const schema = {



it’s a class property.
So, you don’t have to declare it as a variable.

are you sure ?
how about this example
i put const in schema

to make error showing
try typing then delete all the text

Yes, I am sure about the thing I said.

For class property, you don’t need to use const / let / var to declare it as a property.

class ClassName {
    state = {

    schema = {
        // define schema
    // creating a Joi schema is different in latest version of Joi.
    schema = Joi.object({
        // define schema rules.

am I clear now?

In your example, you are using functional component.
I don’t understand what you want to show in your example!

As @UniqueNospaceShort mentioned, the error is above that line.

yes, you’r right. i’m sorry, for my mistake, because when i learn the course, i converting all the lesson in functional way. I forgot that mosh teaching us with class. and i misunderstand about what have you said “it’s a class property”. I make an example just for showing that its work using a const (functional), sorry @maverick :pray: :pray: :pray:


No problem and no need to apologize.

We make mistakes all the time.

I just wanted to make sure you understand, in class we don’t have to use const / let / var to create a property.

Functional components are the future of React applications!

Keep rocking.

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Keep rocking, yeah :+1: