Javascript Prototypes

Hey there, In your OOP JS course you said prototype is the parent of an object
However using the dot notation we access it as Object.prototype
Why don’t we do it this way
since the prototype is the parent
I know my question may be weird but I’m just trying to understand something

we have a built in function called Object that’s why it’s possible
and all function have property called prototype

JS dont have such thing

Really yeah I know it doesn’t exist but per how he said it he said the prototype is the parent object from which it is constructed from so I’m getting confused if it’s the parent shouldn’t it be
Rather it’s
Object.Prototype kindly correct my concept

prototype is an object that is automatically created by the JavaScript engine. It is then automatically referenced by the prototype property of the constructor function.

Oh okay so the JavaScript engine builds the object it then connects it to the builds the prototype then connects those two right

Check this link out. It does a good job of explaining how everything is created and linked.