Java Video Source Code

Can’t locate the source code for the video project, or any of the courses for that matter. Where do I go to download the source code.

At the start of each course, there should be a section with supplementary materials. Usually in the first section. Scroll below the video and see the download links.

If the source code is not there, then it will be on his github page.

Nope, not there or in the Git. I am logged into his all access web page and don’t see anything in any of the java courses. Did a search on Java, mytube, videoprocessor … nothing shows up.

I assume you are looking at Ultimate Java Part 3 - Movie Database, since you mentioned the “video project”. That source is in the course, Section 1, Part 2 - Source.

If you are talking about YouTube courses, I don’t know anything about those. But if you are talking about the paid courses, I found source code within all Java courses.

If it’s not that course, or that project you are asking about, please give the precise course you are looking at. Every project should have source code.

OK I found it. it was in Part 1 course 5 of the second series of Java. I hadn’t noticed the little line at the top showing the zip file.

Thanks for your help.

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