Java: Spring Boot


Java courses are really great and it helped me a lot.

Most of the job opportunities are asking about Java Spring Boot now a days.
Do we have any courses available for that ? Or any plan to have that available in a near future ?

It will be really great if we have that.

Thank You.


I really want too, Spring is very complex and the others courses are expensive and very bad, it will be nice if Mosh simplify this to us :smiley:

I created an account on this forum to specifically ask for this. I see you did it before me.

I really enjoy the way Mosh explains things and he’s an absolute blast when it comes to making things look easy-peasy.

That being said, I would really love to see a course about Spring Boot from Mosh. The only “complete” course on Spring Boot that I could find is from Baeldung, however, he overcomplicates things and gives the feeling that he’s trying to rewrite Spring into Spring. It’s also quite expensive for what it offers, but I guess that’s that.

So, @Mosh, if you or @Mosh read this, pretty-please consider looking into Spring Boot as there’s quite a big demand on this subject.

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Here is the first Spring Boot Course that I took:

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Thank you for this. Am also looking forward to learn spring boot from code with mosh.

@codewithmosh Please make a full course on spring boot.

@codewithmosh I learned a lot from your courses. Please make a full course on spring boot.


I, too, would love Mosh to create a Spring Boot course. I find Spring Boot to be easier and more fun to work with than other server-side frameworks.


@Mosh Please add the Java Spring course, i have bought the course mastery bundle and i dont see Spring in it. pls pls add it

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Hello mosh lovers, is there any news that Mosh will make a spring framework?
By the way he helped me a lot to understand docker, git, django and java…

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No news that we have heard, but greatly agree Mosh is a fantastic teacher. I think his was the first course that really made me understand Git at a fundamental level.


Yeaah, He is amazing, he is my best teacher in the world, unfortunately I don’t know anyone as good as him in the teaching way (learning the fundamentals, how things work…).
So it will be an amazing thing if he added a spring course, I know that it will take a lot of time, because spring is so huge.

Yes, please: make a springboot course!

Yesss, the Java course was astronomically good.
@Mosh, Can you please make a Springboot course
We all sincerely request you release it.
It would be incomplete having a good programming language course and miss the continuation of the technology.
We don’t want any others to explain Springboot because no one does it better than you.

Thank you