#include query for SIZE

Please help advise what #include/library i can add to the first lines, I think “size” is not yet readable because I lack declared libraries.

Ok I found the video.

I think std::size() would not work for those arrays.

You can use

int second[sizeof(first) / sizeof(first[0])];

This would assign the same size to the second array. No extra header files are needed.

If it is a different size() implementation, then mention the video so that I can look up for it.

I checked that the implementation is correct. Check compiler version of Code::Blocks. It should be C++17 or higher.

If the version is C++17 and it is still not working, then add <iterator> header.

thanks for the help
I cant seem to find what version codeblocks uses so I’m going to look for a different compiler that I know uses the right version.