Inactive window

How should I open the interactive window with “>>>” for immediately checking codes? The instructor shows this in his lecture No. 9 (type conversion) of unit 2 (primitive types).


from python-get started, I can open the interactive window, but it looks different. the cursor keeps moving and the input window starts with “[1]” rather than “>>>” displayed in the lecture. can anyone help?

I addressed this issue. Indeed the interactive window is to work with python software directly rather than through visual studio. The built-in interactive window does show starting of ‘[1]’ replacing ‘>>>’.

for me, I am using a Mac and I went to the terminal window…then type python3…then the next command line has the >>>>

I found out how to get to the >>> command prompt. type python -I or python3 -I. it suppose to be lower case but auto correct made it capital i.