Import could not be resolved

Hi Guys,

I am beginner in Python, but I have problems when I try to import libraries, so maybe I have problems with the extension That I had activated.

Ho, did you install this library? It is done by typing in the console/terminal

pip install numpy

To import anything you must usually first install it :slight_smile: Unless you are using a python module included in Python (like math module) etc…

Thanks Elener, it worked. But the problem with the import still appears. This error message bother me.

Does it say anything when you hover over it or RightClick? Does it give any hint of what is wrong? I am happy it works though :slight_smile: It might be some problem with your IDE, but need more info.

Thanks Elener. Maybe I need to reinstall de IDE: VSCode.

If I may, why did you decide to learn programming? :slight_smile: I was at the beggining of this road only a year ago and started with Python as well… It can be hard when you are stuck. If you want I can help a bit, just give me your email and I will write you if you ever needed any help. :blush:

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Thank you so much Elener, that will be a lot of help in this phase :blush: This is my email:

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