IDE code view suggestion

Considering Mosh uses a somewhat zoomed in view for some of his videos when using VS Code, might I suggest that he add some shortcuts to his VS Code to hide the Activity Bar (the sidebar with icons for Project Explorer and Extensions etc) and the Primary Side Bar (The project explorer window). I have ALT+A to toggle Activity Bar and CTRL+SPACE to toggle project explorer view to increase the view of my code.

I also use SHIFT+E to switch to Project Explorer if I’ve changed my Activity Bar view to something like Source Control, Extensions, Gitlens etc.


Native functions in the activity bar have their own shortcuts.


Where Key can be :

  • E: Explorer
  • F: Find
  • G: Git
  • D: Debug
  • X: eXtensions

Some extension also have keybindings. One of them is Azure Panel (A)

Duplicating the key stroke comes back to editor except for Find option.

Ctrl+B closes the panel when it has focus. Otherwise it is toggling bold text in the editor.

The activity Bar shortcut could be of interest on occasion though. But because I hardly ever use it I would just look it up into the Ctrl++P panel.

That said it is up to you to tailor shortcuts the way you want.
What is the shortcut for code completion in your setup ?


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Thanks for pointing out the other Activity Bar shortcuts. I see I mistakenly said my Explorer shortcut was SHIFT+E when it is, as you say CTRL+SHIFT+E.

When you say code completion do you mean code suggestion? Mine is CTRL+SPACE and again, it seems I mistakenly said I set project explorer toggle to that, but I do in fact have it set to SHIFT+SPACE.

SHIFT+SPACE is hardwired into my brain after playing far too much World of Warcraft over the years where I have it set to Vanish for Rogue class :slightly_smiling_face:

Makes more sense now.
By code completion I mean what is called IntelliSense in Visual Studio.
But actually I just looked it up to share a doc or picture and it seems it is also that name for VS Code.

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