I love you mosh

Hello , I’m ahmed from Egypt
30 Years old
after i take your courses (Node js, React js , React Native)
i have created my 2 mobile applications and i publish them to app store and google play
also i have created 3 websites till now and they up and running
i love you so much mosh you really good teacher .
right now i just enroll your new docker course after i just saw the youtube video about you have make it ,

and i’m sure 100% it will be the best course for docker up there

my sites and applications in arabic :smiley: but i will share them with you

PureSRO App (its for my online game):
google play:
https:// play.google. com/store/apps/details?id=website.kotsh.puresro&hl=ar&gl=US
ios :
‎PureSRO - Private SRO Server on the App Store

Raseedy App (its my first app i was still learning :D) :

Sites :

  • https:// ztcgame. com
  • https:// kozbra. com
  • https:// egycaro. com (my first site)
  • https:// shop.ztona. org
  • sorry i put space after . because my new user cant put more than 2 sites :smiley:
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