HTML5 AND CSS3 PART 1 Solution

Please can anyone send me the solution to HTML and CSS PART 1 Exercise,
My subscription on as expiredโ€‹:pray::pray::pray::pray::sob::sob::sob:

You do not fear getting your subscription expired. Your punishment should be more severe.
When your subscription has expired and the hope of finding the solution to your assignment is in tatters, thenโ€ฆ you have my permission to cry.

Bane wants you to buy another month of subscription because part 2 & 3 are even more awesome. :joy:


Dollar in my country is very high and I have the part 2 & 3 on my system

Write your email and iโ€™ll send you the solution on a zip file, because the files extension on solution folder are not supported in this forum

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i am having issues defining my variables, please i need help.

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This is the Gmail thanks allot bro