How to import excel file into PyCaharm editor?

Hey guys,
I tried to import the excel file into the Pycaharm editor on windows 10 OS, but could not find the exact tools as explained by Mosh on the tutorial,
could anyone explain the steps or how to import the file?

Hey @almadarplus, Hope you are having a great day.

Could you elaborate on “how to import the file”.

Do you mean reading the file in PyCharm or using the file inside code? Or something else entirely.

I mentioned to import the file into the editor,
To import a file = to use, to read, to whatever else,
As per the steps explained by Mosh he uses Mac,
I use Windows 10, simply: how to import the file???
see the attached image (screenshot)

When you right click a folder, Go to “Open In” then its first option. This opens the folder in file manager where you can past the CSV.

If this doesn’t work then let me know which video you are following.

Actually I tried this option: Go to “Open In” alredy, and many othe functions,
This is the course link: Python Tutorial - Python for Beginners [Full Course] - YouTube _Time@ 03:58:28
You will see when Mosh demenstrate the fuction to upload/import the file,
similarly, I tried to practice the same steps, but when open the window box to browse the file, I could not find the button to click on insert, import etc,
I took some screenshots, please check them in attched files,
file (1) Mosh screen
file (2) my screen
file (3) my screen - browsing the file but could not import/upload it
Pls check if any available tools/functions for PyCharm on wibdows 10 desktop to upload the file,

@almadarplus on this moment this question is actual for me, could you tell what kind of solution have you find for this issue? thanks in advance.

Mosh sir is not importing the excel he is copy & pate the excel file in project directory