How to get small words gray

Following the 3 part java ultimate course when I got to lesson 12
I cannot get past this problem.

var employee = new Employee(baseSalary: 50_000, hourlyRate: 20) .
both the
baseSalary: and HourlyRate:
are small letters and grayed out in course?

mine are red

when running program it stops and expects either ; or , which I know is wrong
I have got over it by decaring
int baseSarlry = 50_000
Int hourlyRate = 20
But now trying to complete course is impossible

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Don’t type parameter names when passing arguments to functions or constructors (new Employee(50_000, 20)). The gray names are displayed by the IDE.

Sam thank for your response its very appreciated I have found that when I put in empoyee= new Employee(prompt: 50000);
Then highlighted the word prompt plus colon and delete it revert to the gray small letters, and was able to keep learning.
Being very new to intellij I’m very thankful any help.
Regards Michael

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