Getting error in loading table data in react

for more detaiks regarding this check my post on stackoverflow

title and genre are uploading
rate and stock data is not uploading i have done a console .log where I get the result of stock rate but its not showing here

here is my tablebody code
import React, { Component } from ‘react’;

import _ from “lodash”;

class TableBody extends Component {

render() {

    const {data,columns} = this.props


    return ( <tbody>

        { => <tr key={item._id}>


        { => <td key={item._id + (column.path || column.key)}>{_.get(console.log(item,column.path))}</td>)} 









export default TableBody;

This part seems to be suspicious. I think it may be _.get(item,column.path)

I am not sure without log information. Could you upload your console.log information as well?

Your logs show that props passed the data to tablebody.jsx correctly. The most likely reason is that something went wrong when reading objects properties.

I noticed that your console.log is in line 11. It is from

console.log return undefined to _.get(), and _.get() will return undefined as well. There shoud not be any content in the table right now. :expressionless:

If I debug this code, there must be wrong in rendering column cells. So I will console.log the cell’s content to track it down.

solved there is a path mistake which i have given to const =columns{


Can you please show what you’ve done? I’m having a hard time with this myself and I’d like to see what you did.


you have same problem i have done a spelling mistake in columns array ,columns array have path in path I did spelling mistake
{ path: “numberInStock”, label: “Stock” },

{ path: "dailyRentalRate", label: "Rate" },

that’s why I got error

I’m actually surprised someone replied (if Im being honest with myself) :slight_smile:

I found the error I had. I didn’t have columns={columns} in the component

<TableBody columns={columns} data={data} />

Thanks for the help!

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i’m getting error in tableBody.jsx component.
while using this line…

Error: Objects are not valid as a React child (found: object with keys {_id, name}). If you meant to render a collection of children, use an array instead.

for reference this is my stackoverflow post regarding the same topic.