First exercise under ASP.NET MVC Fundamentals

I have some questions regarding “The Complete ASP.NET MVC5 Course”. I subscribed to your course. I am a beginner level.

For the first exercise under ASP.NET MVC Fundamentals, the solution you’ve provided under “” seems to be a code / program for a complete finish product of vividly web app. Since I am a beginner, I have difficulty understanding the specific solution for this exercise. I would like to request to be directed to a solution pertaining only to this exercise. Kindly provide or direct me where can I reference the solution only for this exercise.

The github repository contains the complete history of the project with 50 commits (snapshots) from project setup to final version. You can examine them by clicking on the commits link. And of course you can go back in time in your local clone of the repository. Make yourself familiar with git and learn how to do that.

Hi thank you. Will check it. Appreciate it very much.