firebase.User issue

Can someone please help me solve the below Observable problem.

user : Observable<firebase.User| null >
constructor(private afAuth : AngularFireAuth) {
this.user = afAuth.authState

Error: Type ‘User | null’ is not assignable to type ‘Observable<User | null>’.
Type ‘null’ is not assignable to type ‘Observable<User | null>’.

The error says that afAuth.authState is null which does not match the expected type Observable<firebase.User | null> (which means either Observable<firebase.User> or Observable<null>). And that is true. null is not Observable<null> and it is definitely not Observable<firebase.User>.

Looking at the current angularfire docs it looks like AngularFireAuth is just a thin wrapper around firebase.auth.Auth that proxies calls and wraps them in Promises / Observables. Those documents also suggest that the correct way to use AngularFireAuth (currently) to get an Observable<firebase.User | null> is using the user property:

AngularFireAuth.user provides you an Observable<User|null> to monitor your application’s authentication State.

So instead of this:

You need to do this:

user: Observable<firebase.User|null>;

constructor(private afAuth : AngularFireAuth) {
  this.user = afAuth.user;

I tried
this.user = afAuth.user;
but it’s not working. Please help

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