Facing severe issues please help πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

I am learning react Native where Mosh is working on an app called Done With It. Should I code the app along with him or can I just watch his videos and after I understand the concept, start coding the app that he teaches or should I start working on my app idea after watching his videos? I am a high school student and hence can only code 1 hour a day! The set up ie starting the emulator, openning android studio and visual studio takes minimum of 45 minutes. Expo crashes frequently on android emulator without showing any error. Due to this I can barely code for 15 mins. So, please suggest me what to do?

  1. Watch all his videos then start to code the app that he is teaching


  1. Watch all his videos and start coding my own app


  1. Code along with him

If you can give me some other suggestions regarding the issues that I am facing, it would be helpful. Thank you in Advance :slight_smile:

Manav - I think everyone learns coding differently. I sometimes code with buddy. His approach would be your option 1, while I used option 3 for the course. I don’t think I can advise you on what would be best for you.

Regarding your time to set up and start the emulator, Android Studio an VSC, perhaps you can indicate what hardware you’re using – and maybe some forum participants can help. It shouldn’t take 45 minutes – I’d think no more than 5 to 10 minutes would be typical.

When an Expo app crashes in an emulator, there should be an error message. Is it crashing or just locking up?


There is no error message it’s like the android bundle loads then just crashes

Am using Mac OS desktop

I get this error above in AVD after expo crashes."Serial console enabled Performance is impacted. To disable, check bootloader"

Note: This error is not found in terminal or console

Android Bundling complete 116ms, this is the last thing that gets printed in console before expo crashes

I did a Google search on β€œandroid emulator Serial console enabled Performance is impacted. To disable, check bootloader” and found this on Stack:

I’m not sure that’s an error in AVD – maybe more of a config message.
Are you getting an error message in the console (terminal) where you launch the app or in the Metro Bundler log window?
Also, did you edit .bash_profile with the PATH statement for the Android SDK?

I hope someone else will jump in on this thread – I’m not an expert on this – just another student.

Actually I checked that stack over flow method already. Didn’t exactly get anything on how to do it? Did the bash profile thing and also something zshr I don’t remeber the exact term

No error msg in the terminal console

BTW thanks for all the time and help you are investing :pray:

You’re welcome, but sorry I can’t be of more help. When I went through the course earlier this year, I got both the Android and iOS emulators working – but I mostly used iOS as it seemed to run smoothly.

No problem, I use Android emulator only as I have started working on iOS yet