Existing Database into Django's ORM

Hey y’all,

I had finished the Django courses and have a data app I’ve been working on; up until now I’ve just used dummy data to more-or-less represent my realworld dataset, but currently I’m a little confused on the best way to approach piping my standard, non-ORM’d Django data into it’s models structure.

If anyone had an direction on things I can read or tutorials that would be awesome; my production DB is going to be a postgres DB, but I’ll be populating it (ideally) from a large dataset I’ve been gathering for a couple years (which lives in Bigquery).

Any direction is greatly appreciated.

Well clearly everyone on the Forum is as noob as me; but for those looking to solve this problem, I give the following command:

python manage.py inspectdb > myapp/check.py

This ^ will create a .py file that Django will use to try and detail any/all databases it has access to (from settings.py); you’ll want to modify what it finds and sets fields to just to make sure it didn’t get off the reservation and if you want Django to manage the DBs you’ll need to removed the managed = False portion.