Error when posting a listing in Remote Debugging Mode

Hello everybody. I’m right in the middle of the Networking section (right at “Posting Data”) and I’m really enjoying the course so far. I’ve just encountered a (small?) problem though and it’s driving me crazy!

When the remote debugging mode is not activated. The POST request is successful.
However, when the debugging mode is activated, upon executing the POST request, I’m getting the following error in React Native Debugger:

Response Status Code: 400
Body: {“error”:"“images” is not allowed"}

In my console, I’m getting a Warning message:
“[RNDebugger] Detected you’re enabled Network Inspect and using uri in FormData, it will be a problem if you use it for upload, please see the documentation ( for more information…”

I checked out the documentation but could not find anything related to this problem.

Did anyone else encounter the same issue?

EDIT: To “fix” this, make sure that Network Inspect is disabled. The downside is I’can’t inspect the API calls anymore.


I ran into the same problem. It is in the “bug list” of the RN Debugger app. I think this is the latest info:

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I had same issue as well. Thank you for posting this as I also had the remote debugger turned on - saved me some time finding this!