Error Code: 1364. Field 'order_id' doesn't have a default value

Hello Dears,

I’m following the Django course, 1st part.
Unfortunately I’m struggling to deal with this issue on the subject.

When I implement SEED.sql into storefront DB, I’ve come accross with a lot of issues, but I’ve done all of them, except this one.
I’m on the PC all the night and now it’s morning, got stuck here.

So when I select all of them and execute, I get this error, I’ve tried all possibile changes directly on MySQL Workbench, I attach the screenshot of the error, here all the configuration is set as it is, no changes made by me, because I reset all I have done.

“Error Code: 1364. Field ‘order_id’ doesn’t have a default value”

Please advise me if you know how to set “DEFAULT” value to “order_id”

Thank you !!

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Somehow I’ve fixed this issue, thanks