doneWithIt connect to mongoDB

hi there,
anyone was lucky to connect the app with mongoDB.
please guide me if you succeeded to do so?


No but I want to do this as well. Thought about using Firebase

do you think firebase is easier? im having hundereds of tabs opened and trying all day to do this and i didnt succeed!
i thought its could be just a matter of paste-ing the mongo db link somewhere in the nodejs backend project i donwloaded from the course but i doesent seem like that?!

Not only so. You need to define a schema object. Add the connection string. Am still wortom it, will send the link once am done

i’d appreciate that a lot. please let me know if you connect it. thanks!

can you help me in yup validation pls

Hi, did you have any progress with this?

i skipped this watching other tutorials and didn’t get back to this for a while.
im in the “tutorial loop” now and watching millions of tutorials lol

Has anyone being successful in connecting it with Firebase or MongoDB

Have you been successful in connecting it

Yeah, it’s quite simple. I also connected with sql database

I’m working on connecting the app to mongoDB as well as building my own app based on the tutorial for this course with some changes of course but the general principle is the same. I know the backend given in the app could work with modifications but I ended up creating my own backend for practice as well as to learn more, but i still have yet to be able to connect that all to the app itself. Still actively working on it and if I can get it I’ll see about explaining here.


could you teach me or do a tutorial on it please I will even pay if you want me but please help me out here I need it urgently bro

I have finally integrated the application with an SQL backend. I could not use mongoDB because it’s not easy implementing messaging on a non relational database. I have rebrand the app, adding profile picture, who posted a particular listing, messaging, scrolling different images in the listing, deleting listing. In fact I ended up with a role based app; customer, agent and administrator. I will publish it to my github repository once I add a few more functionalities

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okay so by what time are we expecting such publish, by which time we should be expecting you to make the publish.

Next week. I have incorporating other features to meet my needs.

Hi, Kunde is George just wondering if you have made the publish brother I seriously need it.I would like to view your connection to SQL module cause I am still stuck here.

Hi George, sorry I have been kind of busy. Below is the full backend for this project. I have extended it to include some other functionalities. The database model is inside the db folder. Make sure you change the connection to the database to your database arguments. Also make sure you set your databes pasword and jwtPrivateKey through command prompt like the application will crash. Delete the node_modules folder and run npm install to install all Dependencies

Hi @kunde thanks for your effort but the link is wrong :slight_smile:
Can you please update?