Django PART-1 Django ORM Video Lecture-13 #Selecting Related Objects

The video has shown to get the following items, order.customer.first_name to display on the html/webpage.
But, how to get Product title from the orderitem_set__product prefetch_related field for displaying it via template.html?
I have tried: order.orderitem_set.product.title…, but no use!

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I too would like to know! In the HTML template I’ve tried:

{{ order.title }}
{{ order.product.title }}
{{ order.orderitem.product.title }}
{{ order.orderitem_set.product.title }}

I’ve also tried to simply pull the unit_price from the OrderItem model with:

{{ order.orderitem.unit_price}}


{{ order.orderitem_set.unit_price}}

but even that doesn’t work. Possibly something we don’t know about HTML?

i tried shortly.
but dont know how to inspect really a queryset.
anybody knows?

anyhow: every order has several orderitems, where each orderitem has one product with a title.
so i assume we have to somehow iterate over the orderitems.

i tried:

  • Ordered: {{ order.placed_at }}, Customer: {{ order.customer.first_name }} {{order.customer.last_name}} {% for product in order.orderitem_set.product %} {{ product.title }} {% endfor %}
  • {% endfor %}

    does not give an exception, but also no output of titles…

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