Display first name of authendicated Auth0 user

Hey everyone! I started learning react with Moshs base react course. So far its working really good and within 2 days I was able to build a proper front-end app. However, so far its mainly hard-coded (though the structure is prepared for external data).

Now I want to build in User Authentification and as I am hosting on Vercel and decided to go with Auth0 because Authentification is serverless. So far I got Auth0 working and login works alright. However, I cannot seem to find a way to display the first name of the user on the Profile page.

Issue: the appropriate Auth0 elelemnt for the first name would be “given_name” which is undefined at first login because the during signup given_name is not grabbed.

My potential solution:
I figured I could just open a popup after first sign-up to ask for the first name and send it to Auth0 to store and display from there on. But I cannot figure out how to!!
Either I am stupid or just dont get it, I dont know. All I can find is postings about servers, and APIs and all of that and I am SO lost…I am close to giving up…

Hopefully someone can help me find the right direction or give me a bit of insights to understand some fundamentals.
Thanks a ton :slight_smile:

I didn’t use the Auth0 with React, but maybe this will help: