Custom Containers Issue

I have a different challenge with this custom container. I have followed Mosh examples on it, yet I still have syntax error on the__setitem__ magic method. I don’t know why the return statement gives syntax error at the position of ‘= count’

Please, someone may look at my code and help me out.

The single equals sign (=) is the assignment operator and does not “return” anything:

count = 2 # count is being set equal to 2

There is also the double equals sign (==) which is the equality operator that returns a boolean:

count == 2 # True if count is equal to 2

If you just intend the assignment (as a side effect of the call) you can just remove the return keyword.

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@jmrunkle: Thanks a lot, removing the ‘return’ keyword works and gets me the output I want. I am grateful for your help.

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