CSS question - same container size but one is bigger


I recently did the practice exercise for the HTML and CSS Part 2, Transformations section. I compared my version of the code to Mosh’s and it seems that both “card” container elements are the same size according to the web-dev tools in Google, however, in the browser mine looks bigger.

The “card” container should be 500px wide. Mosh’s solution sets it with max-width and I set it to 100vw with the media query so it changes to 500px on bigger screens. They both render with 500px according to web-dev tools, however, mine looks bigger on the screen.
Here is a screenshot of the web-dev tools.

If anyone knows why this happens, please let me know. Maybe it is something super simple and I can’t see it. Just bothers me. :slight_smile: Thank you so much!