CreateSelector doesn't memoise getBugsByUser

I am going through Mosh’s redux course. I just followed along and implemented the solution to the challenge of assigning a user to a bug.
At the end of the challenge, he shows us how to add a memoised getBugsByUser function with reselect. However, I set the output of getBugsByUser(1)(store.getState()) to two different variables, a and b. Then, I console logged a === b, and I get false. Is this a problem with the reselect library or am I missing something?
Previous to this, I followed along with the course and implemented getUnresolvedBugs using reselect. I set getUnresolvedBugs(store.getState()) equal to two different variables, x and y, and x===y evaluates to true, as expected.

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I noticed it too but I couldn’t find a way to memoise it either.