Conda and Pip on same system

Assuming same machine and O/S installation (no virtual machine running another O/S), I see a lot of people commenting about conflicts between Conda and Pip, resulting in problems. Should I avoid installing Conda and Pip together or are there ways to avoid conflicts and have them peacefully coexist?

My understanding is that you want to be using virtual environments as pretty standard for each project you are working on. That way you can control everything that is being accessed, be it different versions of programs than your normal PC uses, different things altogether (pip vs conda for example), etc.

They are very easy to set up and paired with Github make a great place for you to organize everything and be able to jump around in versions as you have issues to figure out exactly what is wrong.

If you have something installed in a virtual environment ((.venv) will show on your terminal) it will not interact with, conflict with, or cause other issues with anything outside of that virtual environment.