Components > deleting a movie > Line 11:45: 'm' is not defined no-undef

Hello, I doing a Mastering React course. I am at session “Components > 18- Deleting a Movie”. I was done everything like Mosh, but when I go to browser, it apear me an error:

Failed to compile
  Line 11:45:  'm' is not defined  no-undef
  Line 11:49:  'm' is not defined  no-undef

Search for the keywords to learn more about each error.

I do not know how to take over this. Would someone help me with it please?

I attaching a screenshot

Check the argument to the filter() function and replace the assignment operator = by an arrow =>.

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Hi, i have similar problem again, in lesson “14 - Passing Event Arguments”. In first picture everything is okay, but in second screenshot not.

You were not supposed to code along with Mosh in that lesson. He was just explaining how you could pass arguments if you had any.

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