Compile issue DoneWithIt app

I am new to RN and am trying to get a working version of the DoneWithIt app working locally. I am using expo cli version 4.12.12. I’ve create the DoneWithIt app using expo init and confirmed that works on my phone with metro bundler through the expo iphone app. But when I pull in the final code from the course, and then run npm i to update the dependencies, then run npm start (expo start), the iphone app fails to load. When using the “Run in web browser option”, a compile error shows as below:

Web Bundling complete 17341ms
Module not found: Can’t resolve ‘…/Utilities/Platform’
11 | ‘use strict’;
12 |

13 | const Platform = require(’…/Utilities/Platform’);
| ^
14 |
15 | const normalizeColor = require(’…/Color/normalizeColor’);
16 |

I’ve done some googling and some suggestions are modifications to babel.config that seems like should not be necessary. Maybe I am missing a simple step in the process to get this app working. Any help would be much appreciated!