Command not found - MySQL client

I know it’s been answered, but I hope to understand where Python packages are installed. I’m using Windows as my OS.

I did a pipenv install mysqlclient -v

I added the -v for verbose output

Now my question is, where did pip put the mysql executable and is there a way I can query the package to find this out.

I got frustrated and set up a Ubuntu EC2 instance in AWS.

I created a security group that allowed SSH from my IP and opened port 8000 to the world.

I attached an elastic IP address to the EC2 instance to ensure I had a public IP address that would not change.

I did the typical sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade.

Python3 was installed, I had to do a sudo apt-get install python3-pip though I did not use pip. I installed libraries directly on the OS using apt-get. This step can be ignored.

I installed mysqlclient, sudo apt-get install mysql-client

Then I install django, sudo apt-get install python3-django

I did a mkdir storefront similar to the exercises.

Then cd to storefront and django-admin startproject storefront .

I had to update found under the storefront folder to allow external access,
ALLOWED_HOSTS = [“X.X.X.X”] which refers to the Elastic IP I created earlier

I did a sudo cat /etc/mysql/debian.cnf. This is where the username and password for MySQL is defined. I did not update this file. Rather, I used the same username and password for the settings file.

To run the server, python3 runserver

The issue is resolved though I now use vi versus Visual Studio Code.