ChatGPT with Coding

I recently finished a couple small sites. A great deal of what is on those sites was build using next.js, prisma, tailwind, etc. But I also used ChatGPT to help me and I wanted to share that with you guys.

Here’s a couple examples. I wanted to sort my page but with multiple orders. Order by SIZE then order by NAME. My mind was blank on how to write that specific routine. I could work it out in 15 or 30 minutes. But I just copied that code fragment, pasted it to ChatGPT, and said - fix my sort to order by SIZE then NAME. It gave me back the working function. 30 seconds and solved.

Another example is when my was not aligning the way I wanted. It was a tailwind issue with justify-center and related. But the FLEX stuff just wasn’t cooperating. So I pasted that component to ChatGPT and said - fix this so that the content in the header is centered and the boxes below that are 1 column for small screens and three columns for large screens. In one try it kicked back working code.

The point is - ChatGPT is not going to solve your software dreams by any stretch. But if you are racking your brain on a quirky code fragment, give it a shot. AI is a tool and is quite capable of shaving a few hours off of your project.

Finally, on my personal site, I added a bunch of blog posts. I had ChatGPT write most of those articles on the site and output them to me in markdown format. I even had ChatGPT generate the graphics on the home page for me with a few prompts. Just so you can see what ChatGPT did, I’ll share the links to the two sites. Much of the content on both sites was created with ChatGPT.

The airport data was NOT from ChatGPT. The airline data was mostly from ChatGPT.

For reference only. My two sites I built - nothing fancy - just an example for reference. - This site is a resource for airports and airlines. It’s a beginning. - This is my personal site. Most of the content there was created by ChatGPT. Articles, home page graphics, and some of the page content itself.

Note: Both sites are 100% database driven. All the text is stored in the DB and only components and navigation logic is in the codebase.