Cant open part 1

Can’t open part 1 of the HTML and CSS course.
All other parts works but part1.
It doesn’t load the page.
It’s JUST the part I needed so I can make my footer part smaller, lol.

Btw, I had already finished part 1 so it did work before.
I want to see something I forgot back.
Anyone same issue?

Hi, i had the same issue with Django part 1 on the 87% of the course. After 3 days of struggling i’ve
made reset my browser, and it worked!

I also have the same issue with Javascript part 2, I can’t open it.:cry:


I assume it is because of caching browsers.

I had also same problem with half of the my courses.
After caching the browser, it resolves the problem.

Therefore, you guys may cache the browser and give a try.