Can't install expo-cli

I’m running node version 15.3.0 current. I’m trying to install expo-cli but it’s showing some dependency issues. I could’ve gone back to install v12 as per Mosh’s suggestion but my react apps, node applications had also some node-related issues that’s why I’m in the ambivalence of creating a mess again in my previous projects if I demerit to v12. Did someone also face this issue? Giving a helping hand would be much appreciated. TIA

Solved it. Thanks for at least viewing this post.

Ridwan - Just curious, how did you solve it?

It’s not unusual to run into conflicts with node versions. Using nvm, it is pretty easy to switch versions when working on one project or another.


According to expo-CLI docs they recommended to install node’s LTS version. It was simple, I just switched to LTS(14.16), although there were some deprecated messages along with warnings but it was solved.

Thanks for sharing your solution!