Cannot get expo push token notification

I cannot get the expo push token notification. I’ve struggled for 3 weeks now and its not even getting logged to the console. The terminal says :
The following APIs have moved to separate packages and importing them from the “expo” package is deprecated: Notifications.
I am not using APNS or FCM.
I’ve applied all relevant changes but no luck.
What’s interesting is that I am able to send a local notification (section 11-notifications) but I still cannot get the expo push notification.

I think that at the time the course was created, the push notification package was part of the core expo package.
In useNotifications.js, try changing the import statement to read:
import * as Notifications from “expo-notifications”;

And, of course, you need to run:
expo install expo-notifications

To get the package installed. Here’s the documentations: Push Notifications Setup - Expo Documentation

I hope this helps.