Cannot display Angular Component Template (Angular Crash Course)

Hi everyone,
I have an issue where I’ve been stuck for days now. I’ve been going through the Angular 4 Crash Course for Busy Developers and in the Angular Fundamentals section, part 3 where Mosh creates, registers and displays the component, I have an issue displaying the Template part. Basically I performed all the steps: created the component, registered it, added its tag it to index.html but it still won’t show for some reason. I’ve tried inspecting errors on the rendered page, but they don’t show anything useful. Did anyone have a similar issue? This is what i’ve tried so far:

  • All Google/StackOverflow solutions (won’t work)
  • Browsing the forums for a similar issue
  • Clearing the cache from the browser
  • Using several different web browsers
  • Using TemplateUrl instead of Template

For the code part it’s copy paste from what Mosh wrote in the abovementioned part 3 from Angular fundamentals
Also is it even worth doing this course in 2023 since I’ve seen a lot of things have changed within Angular? Is Mosh planning to update these old courses?