Can I use Master React course source codes to my project? Any license?

I took “Mastering React” course. I learned a lot throughout the course.
Since the source codes is so clean and create many common components, I’d like to use them in my project. Is there any license issue?

There is no license issue for using the code in your project.

Sorry to piggyback this comment, but I can’t find a link to the source code for the “Mastering React” course.

Lecture #2 of the final “Advanced Topics” Section has a download, but that’s only the source code for the Hooks sample code for that section.

Sometimes it’s really hard to quickly scan through the UI for a Course and find the source code download!?

EDIT: Never mind, just found it. At the start of each Section, the 1st Lecture has a code download for each section, if you just scroll down far enough (below the link to download the video). The final section “Deployment” has the client and server code.