C# list of shortcut

I am perform the master course in C# and i would like to know if can share list of shortcut using in the course?
I am trying use for example Ctrl+w for select text but is not working.
Can you help me?
Thansks and regards
Carlos Sousa

Keyboard shortcuts are not the same for everyone. Depending on which editor you are using, and depending on any custom configuration you might have, it could be different on different editors and on different machines.

Most editors will tell you what your shortcuts are in the drop-down menus. For example, if you use Visual Code, you can see the shortcuts whenever you click on a drop-down menu. Each menu item tells you the shortcut to the right of the action.

Since I use a Mac, my shortcuts are different than Windows users might see. But here’s a screenshot of my SELECTION menu.

In my case, SELECT ALL has the mac CMD-A. On windows it would be CTRL-A.


The key is to always look at the shortcuts when you use menu items, then you will learn your shortcuts in your editor on your machine.

I am using visual studio 2022
In fact Ctrl+W not work for select some portion of text like that


Mosh also uses Resharper. This can add extra functionnality too.

What should the shortcut do precisely ?