C++ Classes Error

Hello, while I was pursuing the Ultimate C++ Part 3: Advanced from Mr Mosh Hamedani, in the 6th lesson of the classes section named " getters and setters" he raised a small quiz which I still am unable to solve, and in spite of copying the exact code and repeated the entire section to figure out where the bug is but still the same error so please help advise me and thanks in advance.

Attached is the code for the header file, I had 3 files the header and CPP implementation file for the class in addition to the main file where I wanted to use the class. The error I get is (: undefined reference to `TextBox::getvalueabi:cxx11
collect2.exe: error: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [: main] Error 1) despite me including the header file on the top of all the three files

Perhaps it could be better to see the entire code and not only the header file :wink:
to undertand where the error is generated and how you have written the main

Thanks for your response,
I really wanted to share the entire code with the 3 files but for some reason, it says new users can only put one embedded media item in a post.

The main file code.