Bundle courses order

I am doing a course bundle, specifically the full stack .net developer course.
In which order do you suggest that I do the courses please?

There is a mildly implied order listed in the bundle:

  1. Complete SQL Mastery
  2. Complete ASP.NET MVC 5 Course
  3. Ultimate C# Series Parts 1-3
  4. Entity Framework 6 In Depth
  5. Unit Testing for C# Developers
  6. Clean Coding and Refactoring

That order seems sensible to me. Learn how to use databases, then how to build and deploy web applications (frontend development), then how to use C# (backend development), then how to connect applications to a database, then polishing that off with unit testing, clean coding and refactoring.

Thank you jmrunkle, I shall follow the course in that order

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Click on the bundle you would like to edit; Click-and-drag the courses in the bundle to re-order; Review changes on your bundle landing page in the Bundle… From the Bundle Contents menu, bundled courses will be listed in clicker counter alphabetical order. However, when students view their My Products tab, … Course bundled content is a way to group multiple courses together that can be sold together at one price**. Bundled content is usually discounted from the combined price of the individual courses as a way to encourage sales