Bug in React 18 useGames, please help

I am not sure but the problem is probably with your API call

It should be like that…

const apiClient = new APIClient(‘games’)

I got this error because I passed the wrong type when calling the APIClient

I’m gettting the same issue, but with usePlatforms and useGenres and I’m passing the right type too.

However, I don’t know why it works fine with useGames

That true bro
its supposed to be : const apiClient = new APIClient(‘games’)

Just gonna put this here for anyone who has the same issue, this same problem gets solved by the instructor in part 32 from the react query section. His solution was to change the static data being used in the application which resulted in overall cleaner code. However, i did also see another person on this forum say to make the next property in FetchResponse optional with the ‘?’. This also makes the error go away because I suppose it lets the compiler know that it doesn’t have to match that property exactly. Just putting this here for anyone who may be confused.