Beginner here, could someone help me out here?

hey guys.
So every time I type $python
This error shows up. I’m not able to rectify this error. Can someone please help

The $ sign appeared by default or you added it ?

I added it cause he asked us to type $python

I think that the dollar sign is for initializing commands, try without putting it first, or maybe try python3 instead of python

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that’s the command that tells the computer to user Python to run the file. Don’t write the $ sign.

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I tried to run it like you guys mentioned but this is something new lol.

Do this to be sure everything is correctly installed:

  1. Open a terminal (click on window key and type CMD then hit enter)
  2. Type: ‘python’ without the ‘’
  3. Share a screenshot of the result
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Thanks for the immense help. I got this rectified.

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Thanks for your patience.

Thank you for the help man !

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Your code is working!! :sunglasses: which means that python is correctly installed.

So… keep coding and enjoy the journey!

Welcome, it’s a pleasure!