Await Dispatch in the React UI

With reference to the Bugs application built during this course, there is the following method:

return (
      { => (
        <li key={}>
          <button onClick={() => dispatch(resolveBug(}>Resolve</button>

I understand I can rework this to call a local method, something like:
const localMethod = (id) => {
and then change the onClick to:
<button onClick={() => localMethod(}>Resolve</button>

However, what I’m having difficulty figuring out is how to AWAIT that dispatch method, and then do other stuff in the UI based on the success or failure of the API call.
Something like:

    const localMethod = async (id) => {
             await dispatch(resolveBug(id));
             //all other stuff
          // (failed some server-side validation)
          //present user with api message saying why the bug could not be resolved

How can I do this? My current attempt do not hit the catch block when the API call fails.