Authentication and Authorization: 23- Hiding the Delete Column


23- Hiding the Delete Column | Code with Mosh

I don’t understand the addition of the user properties to the constructor. Why adding a constructor for this?

Hi there. I noticed you have asked some problems but they are rarely replied. Because it is very hard to explain since it is like the code style based on your code knowledge. For example, the problem you asked here is the Oriented Object Javascript concept. You can use props to do this as well. However if you have deep knowledge of OOJS, you will know this will simplify the code, and make it cleaner.

React is a cool frame, but the basic is Javascipt. I think you need to dig the mechanism of Javascript deeper. This will be very tedious and appoarch slowly. However if you know it, you can code more arbitrarily. I recommend you Kyle Simpson or codesmith’s course. Mosh’s course about Javascript is little bit foundamental.

Hope you succeed!