Are you often use cheatsheets?

Hi I am a beginner. Are you often use cheatsheets or browsing reference? How can you keep in mind so much information?

I do not really have a cheat sheet, but I do keep extensive notes of what I’ve learned about C#, SQL and Javascript. I like to use same/similar paragraphs for the three languages, so I can easily read back some info when I need to. It is a combination of theory and code samples, to keep it practical.

Hi there, thank you for your opinion. Do you take hand written notes or digital? I use Pageplus for that. I am just wondering if there is something more simple.

Digital, I simply use Microsoft Word. The only options you really need for notes are headings, subheadings, screenshots and hyperlinks.

You use it, or lose it - you can’t remember every single thing you learn, unless you use it regularly.

So keep notes in whatever way helps you find the information when you need it - whether it be emails kept in a section/labelled appropriately, Word documents, Text files, or whatever else. It just needs to work for you.