Are you going to teach some "C++ Frameworks"?

Everybody is teaching the C++ Programming Language, but nobody teaches us how to create real-world c++ applications. So, I’ve found it necessary to ask you about how we can create WEB, Android, IOS, Desktop and other applications with C++… Which C++ framework is the best for speed and security? For example, if I use Oat++ to write web applications, will it be more secure than Python-Django?

I’ve forgotten to mention about which frameworks to learn to create GUI apps using C++. Is there any framework to create cross-platform apps (including web) using C++? And are you going to have any tutorials about them?

Qt looks good to me and there are good courses on Udemy.

Mosh doesn’t respond to forum posts

Why doesn’t he reply?

How can I stay in touch with you?

Because there are thousands of students and only one Mosh. If he were not producing more content every month, then sure, he could respond to all of the forum posts. It would be nice if he had time for both, but I think this is the better division of his efforts given his time constraints.

Yeah, I got it. But somebody needs to respond to these posts, right?

Yes, and the ones that respond to these posts are generally other students (by design).

There is a special topic for site feedback that is at least marginally for getting feedback back to Mosh’s team. I do not know how that is monitored because I rarely see responses directly from the team unless you @ mention the codewithmosh user (which is his support team).