405 Error when trying to enable Google Provider for NEXT Auth. Following Next.js 13 course

Having issue with NEXT.js 13 Authentication with Next Auth section - Configuring Google Provider.

Have mirror the steps Mosh has provided in the section (recheck 3 times) and when performing the test to Auth via Oauth/google, I am getting an HTTP return status of 405 Method Not Allowed.

Not sure why this is occurring.

I am running my DEV environment on a Windows VM under Virtualbox and using “Bridge Adapter” mode, so I don’t believe the fact that its a VM should cause this but wondering if anyone else has experienced this and has any suggestion on how to resolve.

are y ou sure you should use GET ?
405 means you’d be using an improper HTTP verb in your request.
You might need to double check with the documentation what it’s like.
Otherwise it may be a simple typo anywhere. Happens all the time and rechecking is not always enough to spot it.


please check again your request method, maybe your method is GET when hit api for make a POST

and it should be wrong request, sign in method must be post request

the API Post request is in the handler … I have check the consent screen the env. variables but still the HTTP error 405 persist

thanks, I resolved the problem…it has Get instead of GET