Whale talks in javascript

hi all,
I’m trying to create this exercise called whale talks where only the vowels of a word is copied, and in case it is a ‘e’ or ‘u’, these two vowels are repeated.
For example: the word turtle would be : uuee;

this is my code so far:

function whaleTalks(word) {
  let whaleWord = [...word];
  let whaleWordArray = [];
  for (let letter of whaleWord) {
    if (letter === 'u') whaleWordArray.push(letter + 'u');
    if (letter === 'e') whaleWordArray.push(letter + 'e');
    if (letter === 'a' || 'i' || 'o') whaleWordArray.push(letter);
  return whaleWordArray


Even a nested for loop didn’t work.
Whenever I get to the last condition, that if statement push all the letter from the word into the empty array, not just the vowels. Thanks

You need to specify each comparison in the or statement of your last if statement. Compare “i” and “o” to the letter. Right now they are truthy values.