Support never answer on email

I have try to contact Mosh support for 3 months
Without get any response any one know what I can do?

You mean

You can try sending a direct message to @codewithmosh here on the forums.

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i will check it and update thanks a lot :slight_smile:
I can’t send a message I think @jmrunkle

@codewithmosh can you reply, please? :slight_smile:
or send me a massage

I think that’s a new user limitation. I am not entirely sure what it takes to get to the level where you can send direct messages.

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How did you try to contact them? If by email or the contact form did you check your spam folder?

Why did you try to contact them? Support only deals with issues regarding purchases, subscriptions and issues on the platform. They don’t provide tutoring. If struggle with something taught in a course ask your question in the forum.

Hi @Asaf,

So sorry you haven’t received a response. What was your issue?

As the previous comment mentioned the support email is mainly for account issues like refunds and invoices, and we direct technical course questions here. Let me know your problem and I can see if I can help!

Hello you can contact me by email or private massage?

I need the certificate for the courses I did :slight_smile:

@codewithmosh can you reply please

Hi Asaf, please send an email to